Armorer Services, Weapons Safety and Education Training for Film and Television Productions

Our years of service in military special operations, private security contracting, tactical law enforcement and training help us make your production look, sound, and feel authentic while remaining safe and efficient.

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Armorer Services

We are not hardcore “gun nuts.” We are professional armorers, weapons masters, trainers, and instructors with years of experience in the field and in film. Safety on set is our primary mission. We are skilled, discreet, and professional, and operate seamlessly within the unique environment of an active film set.

Safety Training

This is a sore subject for us. We have pushed for years to include adequate safety training for anyone handling or being in the presence of live (capable of firing a projectile) weapons on set. In the real world it’s a no-brainer, it just is. Hollywood requires some convincing. In light of recent tragedies, it is our hope people are ready to listen. Dark Thirty provides a soft approach to weapons familiarization and safety with streamlined effective classes tailor fit to your organization and needs. Give us a try and we’ll show you how it’s supposed to be done and at the same time make your production a safe place to work for everyone.

Technical Advisor and Script Review

Dark Thirty Film Services provides on-set consulting, script review, and technical advice to ensure accuracy and authenticity in film and television productions. Our team has served with various military, law enforcement and private military agencies, which gives us a unique skill-set and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings and processes of characters in these roles.

Weapons & Equipment Rental

The staff of Dark Thirty Film has worn many hats and formed key strategic relationships over the years. We are connected to global resources and specialists capable of delivering one-of-a-kind weapons and skills not available to the average weapons master or prop house. To put it simply: as professional armorers, there is no firearm or weapon we can’t provide and no real-world military professional we can’t source. From antique flintlock guns to the most modern tactical equipment currently in use in the Tier 1 special operations community, we have a vast, unparalleled arsenal of weapons and military or law enforcement Resources.


If we can’t find the item you need for a film or television production, it doesn’t exist. But, we can make it. Dark Thirty Film operates a custom fabrication and firearm finishing studio. This specialty service is a rare and sought-after craft in our industry. From period pieces to modern tactical weaponry, we create prop or functioning firearms and weapons for rental or sale.

Professional Talent Services

Skills and Capabilities
With our network developed through more years than we care to count working real world operations, Dark Thirty Film, can tap into that network of special operation professionals. These colleges can act as technical advisors on set, and if necessary deliver precision performances. Well versed in the atmosphere and etiquette of working on set, they are experts at being experts.


Simply the Best

After years of working in high-risk, high-stress environments as operators, handlers, and instructors, the team at Dark Thirty Film has taken their comprehensive backgrounds and applied it to work that’s a bit more… well, laidback. Our philosophy is defined by honor, dignity, character and respect. We are highly skilled and knowledgeable in what we do. We take this and apply to each and every job addressing them with the highest level of care and professionalism.

Bryan W. Carpenter

Armorer, Weapons Master, Trainer

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Dawn Carpenter

Managing Partner, Training Coordinator

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Nigel Thomas

Armorer, Weapons Master, Trainer

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Sierra Six One

A Seasoned Team of Professionals

During our training of actors and stunt performers we have come across some exceptional students. Those students were invited to join our internal operations group, Sierra Six 1. Sierra Six 1 is a stunt performer crew, highly trained in every skillset an action movie might need. This allows the Director to save time on set and the production to save time on training, both for realism and most importantly safety, giving everyone, including the audience, the effect they desire, authenticity.

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Aaron Mathews

Who says unicorns don’t exist? Aaron has been doing stunts since his mother was two months pregnant! All joking aside it’s a family affair.

Angel Spitale

Weighing in at 91lbs of solid muscle and sheer determination, Angel puts all the boys to shame. Not a lady you want to get in a gun fight with.

Chris Bryant

The shirt says it all. A dangerous man with nothing to lose. This guy is our resident outlaw. That’s why we love him.

Ken Barefield

Damn, we don’t have room to list everything he’s got going on. Our very own renaissance man.


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