New Orleans, LA

Full-Service Custom Fabrication Studio

If we can’t find the item you need for a film or television production, it doesn’t exist. But, we can make it. Dark Thirty Film operates a custom fabrication and firearm finishing studio. This specialty service is a rare and sought-after craft in our industry. From period pieces to modern tactical weaponry, we create prop or functioning firearms and weapons for rental or sale.

Motion Picture and Television Prop Guns and Weapons

The staff of Dark Thirty Film has worn many hats and formed key strategic relationships over the years. We are connected to global resources and specialists capable of delivering one-of-a-kind weapons and skills not available to the average weapons master or prop house. To put it simply: as professional armorers, there is no firearm or weapon we can’t provide and no real-world military professional we can’t source. From antique flintlock guns to the most modern tactical equipment currently in use in the Tier 1 special operations community, we have a vast, unparalleled arsenal of weapons and military or law enforcement Resources.


Our network of trusted vendors range from obscure specialty shops to major weapons manufacturers to operational team outfitters. Each of these vendors has an international reputation for high-quality firearms, skilled craftsmanship, and collateral equipment.


Motion Picture and Television Firearm and Weapons Training

Visual authenticity in firearm and weapons tactics is a critical part of capturing today’s savvy viewing audience. Our staff has an extensive background in private military and tactical law enforcement services, which gives us an edge in training actors, stuntmen, and extras in the safe, tactical use of any weapon on set. We also understand the mindset, personality, and behavior of characters playing various law enforcement and official military roles. We are not hardcore “gun nuts”. We are professional armorers, weapons masters, trainers, and instructors with years of experience in the field and in film. Safety on set is our primary mission. We are skilled, discreet, and professional, and we operate seamlessly within the unique environment of an active film set.


Technical Advisor and Script Review

Dark Thirty Film Services provides on-set consulting, script review, and technical advice to ensure accuracy and authenticity in film and television productions. Our team has served with various law enforcement, military, and private military agencies, which gives us a unique skill-set and in-depth knowledge of the inner workings and processes of characters in these roles.


Professional Weapons Training

For pre-qualified clients, we also offer training programs in submachine guns, vehicle assault maneuvers, dynamic entry, and other professional security tactics and weapons instruction.

Professional Talent Services

Our services go beyond weapons training and prop rentals. As professional, on-screen talent, the team at Dark Thirty Film, Sierra 6, has appeared in numerous film and television productions. We can also tap into our network of veteran military and law enforcement professionals. Our team and our colleagues deliver precision performances and we are well versed in the atmosphere and etiquette of working on set.